Oscar Lardizabal
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I miss my brother  / Noemi Dado (sister)
I miss those times we used to just talk on the phone when you or I felt like it. How close we were. We could just talk , rant and rave and feel that we were always there for each other. I miss our college days and glad that we always found time to be together. Your visits to my dormitory....I miss our childhood pranks , our fun and games. All these memories are held so dear to me. Your death didn't take it away. You are always part of my life.
No one deserves the pain of losing a sibling  / Adin Martin Villanueva (Friend of Lorna )  Read >>
No one deserves the pain of losing a sibling  / Adin Martin Villanueva (Friend of Lorna )
Dear Lorna and family Allow me to narrate a situation to let you feel my sincerity in feeling for you as you lost a dear brother. A few years ago I was doing my usual e-communication and was working on catching up with family and friends' e-letters when I felt a warm gush flow from my neck to nape and head when I read the subject of my sister's e-mail stating "By-pass Operation"... I braced myself to find out whom among friends or hoping no member of the family and I saw my younger brother's name. Almost as an instinct my eyes watered and tears just continuously dropped and then I screamed "NOOOOO!!!" My husband dropped what he was doing ran down the stairs to ask what happened and I was just hysterical. With this I can imagine the pain and hurt you all experienced and I may not really know the extent and I hope I do not see the day but please accept my family's prayers for Oscar. Our synpathy to the whole family for your loss. Sincerely jojo and adin and children michelle myk and michah Close